BSides Orlando April 13-14 2013

This isn't Disney World, this is B-Sides Orlando, and we're proud to announce that we're re-releasing everything on 6D HD Blu Ray! No just kidding, but our Call for Papers is now open!

B-Sides Orlando is being held April 13th and 14th at the Wyndham Resort on International Drive, so not only do you get to hang out with security nerds, you'll get to hang out with tourists!

The first B-Sides Orlando is going to consist of 3 tracks with different topics, they are:

Foundations – This track will cover a variety of topics with a focus on foundational skills every infosec practitioner should know. If you are new to infosec or wanting to make the switch to a security career this is the track for you! This will also be an opportunity for first time speakers to get some exposure as well in a friendly environment. HINT: If you've been peeing your pants worrying about submitting for the first time, this will be an awesome oppourtunity to do so!

Construction – This track is all about making things and defending them. We hope to have everything from microcontroller sessions and building secure web apps to deploying countermeasures that will sure to ruin the day of any attacker. This is really where the rubber meets the road for most internal security professionals. Let's make internal security cooler!

The Wrecking Ball – Say what you will about the value of pentests, but this is the really fun stuff. Where we bring down that house of cards and show just how tenuously things are put together. This track is all offense, all the time. We have no official stance on disclosure, speakers accept their own risk here but we all geek out pretty hardcore when we see 0-day. If you prefer your talk to not be recorded, this is where you will want to submit.

Each speaker will be given 45 minutes for their talk, there will be some leeway, but please don't abuse it, since it's our first con we want things to run 100% smoothly ;). Please keep the topics in mind when writing up your proposal and submit to where you think it will fit. If you don't, we'll probably just laugh and drink more bourbon. We only have 36 slots available, so act fast!

The second round of Call for Papers closes on February 31, 2013. If you don't make the deadline, that's fine we will have future rounds but getting your CFP in sooner will increase your chances for a speaking slot.

If you say you are releasing code, tools, sploitz, etc at the conference then do it. Very little annoys us more than empty promises.

You can find the submission page here:

If you would prefer your talk to not be recorded or live streamed, we get that, so please point that out when you submit your abstract.

The tl;dr:

Who: You! and us! and a bunch of awesome security people!

What: Bsides Orlando, ya dingus!

Where: Wyndham Orlando Resort 8001 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819

When: CFP Closes 3/1/2013 and final submissions due 3/16/2013. Bsides Orlando is on 4/13 and 4/14/2013

Why: Why the hell not?!

How: I dunno, you're an adult, figure it out!